Rimless Aquariums; An 'Ultra-Clear' Analysis.

When designing a new aquascape layout, we all spend countless hours fussing over every detail possible. "Is my dragon stone positioned correctly?" "Do I have enough Tropica tissue cultured plants?" or, my favorite "How will I get my manzanita wood to sink?" Here at GreatAscape, Ultum Nature Systems make choosing the perfect aquarium simple.

Their ultra-clear rimless aquariums are highly touted by professional aquascapers around the world.Their unique and stylistic approach to the rimless aquarium has become a welcome addition to fresh and saltwater aquarists alike.

Unlike a traditional aquarium, Ultum Nature Systems utilizes mitered edges to create a natural seamless transition when viewing the aquarium from all angles. Handcrafted and finished with a European engineered silicone for an optimized viewing experience.
Rimless Aquarium

You also may have heard words such as 'Diamant', 'Starphire or 'ultra-clear'. What are they and what is the difference? Diamant and Starphire are two separate manufacturers of glass that are both extremely popular in their industry. The idea behind both brands is that they remove as much iron from the glass as possible during the manufacturing of the tanks, resulting in a "low-iron glass" or "ultra-clear glass."  The visual results are stunning. 

When comparing Diamant and Starphire side by side, Diamant boasts a clarity of 91% while Starphire a clarity of 90%. While the difference does seem minimal the lesser amount of iron in the Diamant glass results in less of a greenish tint and more of an aquatic blue bringing our underwater nature aquariums to life."What makes UNS aquariums an ultra-clear choice for aquascaping is their use of 91% clarity Diamant glass. 


While browsing our section of ultra-clear rimless aquariums, you may have noticed that some of the sizes seem unfamiliar. This is because aquascaping makes use of various techniques that draw the eyes naturally towards certain depths and heights.


One of these techniques known as the 'Golden Ratio' is carefully taken into account during the design process by Ultum Nature Systems, resulting in a well balanced and thought out approach, to helping aquascapers achieve the most authentic nature aquarium possible.

A few neat features we also enjoy about the Ultum Nature Systems Rimless aquarium 
are the laser-etched logo instead of the usual sticker seen on most aquariums. UNS also includes a FREE leveling matt with each aquarium which is unheard of in the Aquarium industry
Ultum Nature Systems
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