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Dymax Stainless Steel Lily Pipe

Dymax's Stainless Steel Lily Pipes are crafted from surgical grade stainless steel. providing a sleek look and are resistant to scratches, rust, and substance buildup. The stainless steel lily pipes are extremely durable, easy to clean and can withstand acidic or alkaline water parameters.

Dymax's Stainless Steel Lily Pipe set comes with both the inflow and outflow pieces ,Also available in two different sizes to fit a range of aquarium sizes. These stainless steel lily pipes will help provide consistent flow to all areas of an aquarium and prevent stagnant areas. also ensuring proper aeration and ideal water flow for aquatic plant growth. 

Set comes with:
1 Outflow Lily Pipe.
1 Inflow Lily Pipe.
Hose Clips.


Specifications 12/16mm:

Outflow Pipe Length: 34.5CM.
Inflow Pipe Length: 35.5CM.
Outflow Depth: 11CM.
Inflow Depth: 30CM.
'U' Pipe Spacing: 4.8CM.
Inner Diameter: 1.2CM.


Specifications 16/22mm:.
Outflow Pipe Length: 46CM.
Inflow Pipe Length: 45.5CM.
Outflow Depth: 14CM.
Inflow Depth: 32.5CM.
'U' Pipe Spacing: 6CM.
Inner Diameter: 1.6CM.