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Aquarium Stand 90P

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Aquarium Stand 90P Natural wood


*Special request order item. Please inquire about sizing and color variation. Only 60U

aquarium cabinet

in stock.

These aquarium stands are reliable, sturdy and beautiful bases for existing and future planted tanks. Each stand is crafted from quality materials and built to last while helping to hide unorganized wires, aquarium filters, equipment, and any additional products that are generally kept in aquarium stands. 

Stands include adjustable leveling feet to ensure stability on uneven surfaces. 

Available in three different finishes.

UNS Aquarium Stand

Details & Overview (L x W x H):

UNS 30C Aquarium Stand:

  • 12 x 12 x 31.5
  • Fits the 30C Rimless Aquarium

UNS 40C Aquarium Stand:

  • 16 x 16 x 31.5
  • Fits the 40C Rimless Aquarium

UNS 60U Aquarium Stand:

  • 24 x 14 x 31.5
  • Fits the 60U Rimless Aquarium

UNS 90L Aquarium Stand:

  • 36 x 12 x 31.5
  • Fits the 90L Rimless Aquarium

UNS 90P Aquarium Stand: 

  • 36 x 18 x 31.5
  • Fits the 90P Rimless Aquarium

UNS 90U Aquarium Stand: 

  • 36 x 22 x 31.5 
  • Fits the 90U Rimless Aquarium

UNS 120U Aquarium Stand: 

  • 48 x 24 x 31.5 
  • Fits the 120U Rimless Aquarium