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Zephyr CO2 Diffuser.

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Zyphyr Diffuser

CO2 Shatterproof Acrylic Diffuser by Aqua Worx.

The Zyphyr CO2 Diffuser has one purpose and it serves that purpose efficiently and cost effectively. Through dissolution a CO2 diffuser break down the CO2 gas while disbursing it throughout the aquarium evenly in a fine mist.

Zyphyr took extra precaution during the design of the diffuser to ensure that with even the toughest of falls it is shatterproof. It can also be removed from the aquarium and cleaned with ease.

Zyphyr CO2 diffuser is made from acrylic, available in various sizes and works best but not limited to these Ultum Nature Systems aquariums.

Size Diameter Best Paired With


12mm  25C 30C 60L 5N 45S 60S 45U


17mm 40C 90B 90L 75S 60U
Large 23mm 120S 120P 75P 90P 90U 



  • We recommend pre-soaking for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Once you have noticed the bubbles getting larger soak in bleach for approximately 10 more minutes and finally rinsing the bleach thoroughly off the diffuser several times.